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Sayumi Michishige 「SouSou」OPV

Another Sayumi Video, Clips: SouSou Making of Music: When You're Gone by Avril Tribute to: Sayumi Michishige.

Sayumi Michishige - Senkou Hanabi

so cute!!!!!^^ enjoy!!!!

Michishige Sayumi[Morning Musume]'s Furusato Solo

Pink princess sings alone the Morning Musume's song 'Furusato' in Morning Musume Concert tour 2008 Haru -single daizenshuu ...

Morning Musume Song Contest 1

This is from the Hello! Morning episode of June 1, 2003. All-girl J-pop group Morning Musume is divided into four teams of three ...

Morning Musume '14 - A Looking Back Beauty (Sayumi Michishige Farewell Single)

The lyrics of the song are based on Mischishige Sayumi and her upcoming graduation from Morning Musume. No copyright ...

[LIVE] Sayumi Michishige | LaLaLa no PiPiPi

[LIVE] 道重さゆみ | ラララのピピピ (Had to cut the ending a bit bc the original song just fades and doesn't really properly "end" lol) ...

Michishige Sayumi - Graduation Tribute

Here it is guys. Knowing that sayu leaves soon rips a part of my very special own momusu memories apart. Sayumi is and will ...

Sayumi Michishige Tribute

With only a few hours left in the group, I decided to make a video all about Sayu. Not really a tribute but I discuss some of my ...

Michishige Sayumi {BEAUTIFUL♥} //OPV

This opv took forever to make. x_x It was originally going to be for her 21st birthday but I didn't make it in time. So happy belated ...

Rokkies 4 - Sayu & Reina Interviews 1 (English Sub)

Upcoming #93 Upcoming #99

Michishige Sayumi solo song IT'S YOU~ full radio rip

Michishige Sayumi no Konya mo Usachan Peace! #122 from the upcoming Platinum 9 Disc.

Sayumi Michishige - Doukei [♪] F(X) - Do it Chu~♡

PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTIONBOX A slideshow of Sayumi Michishige's photobook Doukei, set to the song Do it Chu~♡ ...

Yorosen! #18 Sayumi Michisige Part1 (English Sub)


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